Intimate Friction

Periscopic invasions of privacy, voyeuristic shower footage, and Glory Holes, a fine addition to any art museum’s collection. It’s no surprise that the Mattress Factory would be host to such avant-garde pieces, as evidenced by the shirts sold on location, stating, “The only rule is there are no rules.” Due to the nature of this unique gallery, most works are site specific. Immediately making a presence throughout, the text on the walls highlight the architecture of the Annex itself, while simultaneously poking fun at the viewer and attempting to create a small narrative. The space itself is shared with some permanent exhibits, larger structures that aren’t likely to be removed any time soon.

With the room given to them, the artists transformed this residential space into a peeping Tom’s dream house. Periscopes made of drains and gutters line the outside of the building, allowing passing viewers to peer into different rooms of the house in Dee Briggs’ Art You Can Get Into… if you have $12. The piece playfully attempts to allow people who haven’t paid to get the tiniest glimpse or sound of the inside gallery. The view itself tends to be less than overwhelming, pointed at small portions of blank white walls. Jenn Gooch’s video pieces feature a view into rooms and spaces that aren’t normally accepted as spaces to peer into, transforming a shower space by projecting a colorful curtain onto the regular one, and playing sounds of a woman showering and singing to herself loudly; running on the treadmill while singing with the same country twang; a cracked door allowing the view of a woman drying off after a shower; and a projection of dogs running down stairs across from the stairs in the building. These pieces provide an atmosphere that makes the space feel currently lived in, and observers feel more like intruders than guests. While the text posted about points out the architecture, so does Nina Marie Barbuto’s Glory Holes. Nina takes circular slices of varied size out of the drywall, allowing views of the support framework that makes up this space that is both private and public. All of these pieces show the duality of this space that manages to host such a large public audience while still keeping it private and intimate. This collection of mixed media in the Annex that make up Intimate Friction remain here until January 6th.


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